Family-friendly Day Trips

Dated: September 18 2020

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Even though some schools have started, Colorado’s temperatures are still high, and there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of our weekends.

With Colorado’s current social distancing mandates, quick, outdoor day trips will hopefully satisfy your family’s sense of adventure while still staying close to home.

As with all things, family outings require a bit of extra preparation. Regardless of what adventure you choose, consider the following:

1.       Clothing Layers – Colorado’s changing weather remains consistent, and you might need a rain jacket or extra set of clothes if your youngest decides to go puddle jumping while on a trail.

2.       Bathroom Essentials – While many of Colorado’s destinations are still open, their restrooms might be closed. Be sure to bring wet wipes (excellent for cleaning up if running water is not available) and all kid emergencies.

3.       Sunscreen – Colorado is renowned for its sunshine, but that requires diligence with sunscreen. Be sure to apply before you go, and reapply as needed to keep everyone feeling healthy and happy.

4.       Sunglasses/Hats – For the same reason you need sunscreen, be sure to bring sun protection to protect against the sun’s rays.

5.       Water – Bring at least one water bottle per person, and more is always better. Dehydration can sneak up on you when you’re having fun, so make sure you’re prepared.

6.       Snacks – As with the restroom situation, many destinations do not have their food operations available. Bring lots of snacks, and be sure to carry some with you as you explore trails and adventures.

7.       Cellphone Charger – While these adventures are all close to home, you never know when something could happen that requires you to call for help or need directions. Cellphone batteries sometimes drain faster in the mountains, so be sure you can stay plugged in.

8.       Good Shoes – Be prepared to walk, climb and traverse waterways during your outings. Wear appropriate shoes and perhaps have a backup pair in the car in case you come back wet or muddy.

Now that you’re ready for adventure, here are some nearby options:

1.       Rocky Mountain Arsenal – Located in Commerce City, this wildlife refuge provides adventure for all ages. From trails to fishing to scavenger hunts for the kids, there is something for everyone. The entire family can enjoy wildlife viewing during the 11-mile wildlife drive. Depending on the day, you can see bison, deer, coyote, fox, prairie dog, bald eagles, various other raptors, rabbits, prairie birds, etc.

2.       Crown Hill Park– Located in Wheat Ridge/Lakewood, this wildlife area boasts 6.5 miles of trails groomed and stroller-friendly. The Main Loop is 3.5 miles long and takes visitors through mostly flat and hilly terrain. It is excellent for wagons, early bike riders, and the toddling walker. Be sure to check out the bird refuge, which has been known to provide sanctuary for many birds, including an occasional bald eagle.

 3.       Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater- Known for its unique concert venue, Red Rocks Park also offers many family-friendly trails outside of Morrison. Many trails are groomed, and some even have a railing, providing a variety of places to wander with your family or ride your mountain bike. August also offers drive-in movies, but be sure to check out the schedule and buy tickets early because they do sell out. 

4.       Lair O’ the Bear Park – Also near Morrison, the Creekside Trail offers a stroller-friendly, 1.7 mile-long trail. As you traverse the slight hills, you can introduce your family to songbirds, beaver dams, fishing, and, most likely, a few deer. Bring a picnic and enjoy the chorus of nature.

5.       Golden Gate Canyon State Park – This park boasts a picnic area, a pond for fishing, information on plant and animal life in the park, and a .25-mile stroller-friendly trail.  Located in Gilpin County, trails are pet-friendly for leashed animals, and camping reservations can be made.

6.       Evergreen Lake and Trail – This picturesque lake is usually home to many events and weddings during non-COVID-19 times, but continues to provide lots of family-friendly adventure. With 1.25 miles of hiking trails and boardwalks, this area is stroller-friendly and provides ample railing to keep little ones out of the water. Bring a picnic, boat, fish, or walk around the lake to view area birds and wildlife. Older kids and adults can play in the creek near the lake after runoff subsides. Leashed dogs are allowed.

If you find yourself having too much fun in any of these areas, let us know if you decide to move closer to your favorite destination. Be safe and have fun!


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