Getting Your House Ready For Sale

Dated: September 11 2020

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You’ve decided to sell your home, contracted with a reliable real estate team (ideally The Couture Group), and now you’re ready to put your house on the market. But, wait, there is one more step!  

It’s time to look at your home from a potential buyer’s perspective. At The Couture Group, we can help you determine if simple improvements, cleaning, and decluttering will potentially increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to buyers.  

We will discuss potential cost-effective measures that can aid in the sale of your home, but here are some basics you should prepare to address:

Depersonalize your space. You want a potential buyer to see your house as theirs. The goal is for them to experience your home as potential owners, not visitors. While this is probably difficult, you must remove your personality from the house so prospective buyers can see it as theirs. Also, pack photographs, trophies, mementos, grandma’s china, souvenirs from your travels, and anything “personal.” Kids have their names on the walls in their rooms? Time to take it down. Put away anything that is not “neutral” feeling.

Declutter your home. Rooms look bigger when there are fewer things in them, and it is time to rent a storage unit. Clean out closets to only necessities, clear out the garage, put away the toys except what the kids need, stash the books, pack the entire unmatched Tupperware cabinet, and remove any bulky or large furniture. You still need to live and function in your space, so don’t remove everything but be discerning in what you keep and ensure it adds to the aesthetic instead of detracts from it.

Clean, clean, clean. Now is the time for your home to be spotless. Give your home a deep clean, addressing every nook and cranny. Dust the garage floor. Wash the walls. Make sure the porches are clean. Consider power washing the house. Ensure that doorknobs shine. If you lack time, there are cleaning professionals that specialize in this type of cleaning. It could be worth the investment.

Break Out the Paint. Look at your home through a potential buyer’s eye. Are there nicks and scratches on the walls? Stains on the ceiling? Mailbox looking a bit dingy? That accent wall a bit too bright for some tastes? Paint is a low-cost investment in making your home look updated and fresh. Wondering what colors to use? Don’t worry; we have a list of paint colors that are “approved” for this work.

Take it Outside. Give your landscaping a quick look. Prune trees and bushes, deadhead flowers, and make sure the lawn is mowed and trimmed. Get rid of weeds in borders and make sure that the overall aesthetic looks well-kept and vibrant. 

Air it Out. Make sure that your home smells pleasant. Keep windows open to keep it smelling fresh, or check with The Couture Group if you should focus on other ways to freshen the air.

Lighten Up. Clean windows and open blinds fill rooms with beautiful light. Open your curtains to show off big windows and bring in natural light.

Think About Pets. If you have pets, make sure that evidence of them is not seen or smelled. Vacuum before every showing. Remove litter boxes from home before showings and ensure that the backyard is cleaned up after Fido every time. Clean the fish tank and take the rabbit or hamster with you when showings occur. We know you love your pets, but not everyone is a pet lover, and some might find pets to be a deterrent.

Consider Repairs. At The Couture Group, we can help you determine if minor repairs or improvements could significantly increase the ability to sell your home. Things from replacing a front door to minor kitchen or bathroom updates, as it could be worth it to pay the price now to sell your home for a higher price later.

Relax. After you’ve done the work and analysis, it’s time to step back and let us, your expert realtor, do the work we are so well-qualified to do. Your investment in these home preparation steps will benefit you in this sales process.

Contact us today at (303)459-2162 or at to get a FREE Market Analysis on your home. It could be the perfect time to list! 


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